New Year's wishes 2016

Dear EAJRS members, dear friends,

I am writing this message on the morning of New Year’s Day. All is quiet on the human front of ambition and contest. Most of the revellers are still asleep, no traffic jams, no queues. Quietness is all around. I hope that you have spent a pleasant and peaceful Christmas and end of year, and have safely and happily made the transition into 2016. 

Spring Wishes 2010 and information about the next EAJRS conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues, members of EAJRS,

I hope you have started the New Year in good spirit and good health. North Western Europe has been visited upon by an exceptionally hard winter, and it seems that General Winter (fuyu shôgun) still goes on renewing his offensives unabated. I am writing this message in the midst of a snow-covered landscape, which is nice if one can stay at home, but which quickly loses its charms on the road to work. We hope that spring will not tarry too long, and in the meantime we send you our best greetings in anticipation.

Spring wishes

Dear Friends and Colleagues, members of EAJRS,

Those of you who have accessed the website of the EAJRS may have been wondering whether we had gone on a strike since last year's conference in Lisbon, but rest assured, although we have failed to send out our customary New Year's wishes, we are in no mood to go on strike and take the imminent advent of spring as the opportunity to start afresh.

New Year's Wishes 2007

Dear Friends and Colleagues, members of EAJRS, After what looked like a prolonged autumn, with exceptionally mild weather, winter has finally set in. It is about time, says the gardener, and I believe him, but it all looks so far away now from the pleasant late summer we enjoyed in Venice. Another year has indeed revolved. We are sending you our best wishes for a peaceful and blissful Christmas time and we wish you on behalf of the board of the EAJRS, a happy and fruitful New Year 2007.